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The story of wood vinegar

I was looking at trees, at leopard moths which were eating and drying branches inwardly and at the city which did not have any woodpeckers to terminate the kingdom of leopard moths. In the orchids , which don’t have any ladybugs, bees and wasps to end the gradual demise of the tree, I was looking at aphids and fats on the leaves , as they were crumpling up them.With the smallest airflow, spring winds pick the majority of fruits and little cold causes freeze.I was wondering how much trees became feeble! On the other hand, man enriches chemaical fertilizers and poisons in order to kill pest and strengthen plants and trees but gradually , these chemical materials enter trees and fruits, affect water and soil , as you can say man is in an unknowing war against nature. There is no need to say that man is omitting himself as the worst pest with his own hand.

For years, I was wondering whether there is someting natural to control pests? Has not Nature offered man any way except Trichogrammatidae bees to protect plants?

I have been producing coal for many years.In spite of hearing coughs from the depth of my lungs and my co-workers’, I was always enchanted by different colors of flames. Each wood burned in a different color and danced. Finally, my research ended in ((wood vinegar)).

This product of wood has many organic functions that would surprise me. Wood vinegar, which is made from 200 chemical materials, is used for making food preservatives, fertilizers for plants and varoius flavorings, strengthening the quality of soil and the immune system of plants and increasing absorption power of plants.

In the old books, I frequently read that each vinegar has its special properties. Vinegar broadens mind, or kills ascarid or even reinforces gum.I had not been aware of properties of vinegar until I got familiar with wood vinegar. But how? How could I turn each wood into its special vinegar? This technology could not be imported and had no history in my country but I started with trust in God and powerful will.


Wood vinegar is made from burning fresh wood. Finding out  the burning temperature of each wood and the result of its evaporation, demanded long researches and repeated experiments! Sometimes travelling and seeing different methods of coal production helped me in gaining new ideas. But I was asking myself continually: (( How can I get the purest wood vinegar?)). I did my first experiment with pomegranate .After sometime, the result was incredible. Because I used that wood vinegar as the basic fertilizer in watermelon lands, watermelons were red and juicy. Other watermelons, in the lands of which wood vinegar was not used, were white and small. I realized that I should concentrate on catalysts and natural stimulants. I was travelling in nature more passionately to test my product on each pest or natural problem. Natural reaction was the only way to measure the relationship of pest and wood vinegar accurately. Yes! After ten years of endeavor, I could produce organic and natural wood vinegar. Now, I would suggest wood vinegar as the best cure for a natural problem of livestock ,plants or men. It will not cause any chemical damage to nature.

Now, we are going to export this environment- friendly product to different parts of world in order to improve the health of nature. We will not stop trying in the hope of making organic wood vinegar worldwide. Now, I wholeheartedly announce that you can order the best quality wood vinegar from us.

What is wood vinegar ?

Wood vinegar is obtained by burning fresh wood, obtaining the temperature of each wood and extracting and vaporizing it requires hours of experimentation and repeated trial and error, sometimes by traveling and seeing different methods of charcoal production, a great help. It was in finding new ideas. But the question that occupied my mind for a long time was how to extract the purest wood vinegar. I did my first test on a pomegranate tree. After a while, the results were unbelievable, and I used the same wood vinegar as a base in the watermelon field. Fortunately, the watermelons were red and juicy, but the other watermelons that did not use wood vinegar, still They are white and small, so I realized that at the same time I should focus on natural catalysts and stimulants. 

With the best effect of wood vinegar, I went to the natural reaction. Yes, and I was able to produce an organic product compatible with nature during 10 years of effort. Now I know to suggest wood vinegar as soon as I hear and face a natural problem for animals, plants, and even humans, which has no chemical damage. It does not understand nature. Now we intend to export this product to different parts of the world and contribute to health and harmony with nature. We will not stop trying to spread the use of organic wood vinegar products; Now I can safely say that you can ask us for the best and highest quality organic product and functional vinegar.

How does wood vinegar work ?

Wood vinegar reduces the cluster value of water to 1/3. This means that the water is activated and easily absorbed by the plants, because water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass, which increases the permeability. Each of these masses contains one or more mineral elements and these elements can be easily incorporated into the products. This greatly reduces the use of agricultural chemicals. However, the solution should not be used with alkaline chemicals.